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Visiting Artists

Chalk Talks: Visiting artist, Wing Young Huie, an award-winning documentary photographer conducted “What do you see?” with all Crosswinds students as a part of our Perpich Arts Integration program. Students learned about photography techniques and engaged in discussions about how photographs can be interpreted from multiple points of view.

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Beat Boxing: Musician and hip-hop artist Terrell Carnage demonstrated his invention of “Beat Boxing” to Crosswinds students. Carnage taught students the art of using the body as an instrument to create rhythms and sounds in the form of human beat boxing/vocal percussion and creative song writing. Carnage writes: “I denounce racism and sexism to promote the respect and equal treatment of all people.” In this workshop, students practiced beat boxing, creating sounds and music and wrote poems and lyrics about current events about race and racism. He has taught in over 60 public, private & alternative schools, colleges, youth agencies and reached thousands.

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Special Programs and Events

Leadership Compass Program: Crosswinds students participated in a Leadership Compass program facilitated by Equity Alliance. Students explored different leadership styles, as a tool for self-reflection and leadership growth. Just like the compass, leadership styles are aligned with its points of North or “results,” East or “vision,” South or “relationships,” and West or “process.” Through team-building exercises and challenges, students determined their own tendencies and learned to recognize the value in diversity of styles.

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Student work

Stop motion animation arts integration projects

Crosswinds teachers talk about the student’s projects and process in the video below:

Crosswinds’ Eagle News

Check out weekly episodes of Crosswinds’ Eagle News by students in our News Broadcast Soar class.


Soar courses

Each quarter, students choose an elective Soar course that engages them in units that are arts-infused or that connect real-life skills to their academic work. Check out these photos from our Lego Robotics and Basketball units. The Crosswinds’ Eagle News episodes above are also from a Soar course, News Broadcast.

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Anti-bullying unit

In observance of National Bullying Prevention Month, our sixth through eighth grade students participated in an anti-bully unit in their health education courses. First they watched and discussed the award winning documentary BULLY. After the BULLY video, students created “chalk talk” inspired signs stating their feelings about bullying. Each student was photographed with his or her sign. The photos and the students’ signs were then put on display in the school with a sign announcing that “Crosswinds Stands Up to Bullying.” You can learn more about our anti-bullying activities here: Anti-bullying unit Fall 2016.

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Student life

Check out scenes from the 2015-16 school year of Crosswinds students learning, creating and more!

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