Our Curriculum

Students in our Lego Robotics Soar course

Students in our Lego Robotics Soar course

Students at Crosswinds benefit from data driven practices and innovative arts education in Crosswinds coursework. Courses include offerings in visual arts, dance, music and media arts. Art areas are integrated into curriculum or as stand-alone courses. Each quarter, courses are shaped by overarching themes and students have the opportunity to work with visiting artists.

Arts Integration

Crosswinds students have the chance to participate in a wide variety of arts integration opportunities during the 2016-17 school year. After last year’s pilot year in arts integration, now all teachers, administrators and educational assistants have undergone arts integration training with Perpich.

As a result, every teacher develops arts-infused lessons and units. Students will also get to work with visiting artists who will be coming throughout the year including Wing Young Huie, Cowles Dance Theater, Perpich Theater Arts Instructors and more!

Developmental Designs

All teachers and staff have gone through an exciting, intensive training called Developmental Designs, which taught us how to be relationship-based in our teaching and learning, build community, establish order and trust in our classrooms and school, empower our students to have self control and problem solve, and to have an overall behavior management community-building program and language throughout our entire school.


Crosswinds operates with the philosophy that all members of our community learn through and participate in C²ARE²S. As part of our Developmental Designs program, all staff and students committed to developing the following C²ARE²S skills:

Cooperation: working together toward a common goal
Communication: exchanging information, ideas, thoughts or feelings to another
Assertion: acting with confidence, respectfully standing up for your beliefs
Responsibility: independently doing what needs to be done, owning and learning from your mistakes
Empathy: imagining or understanding and sharing the feelings of another
Engaged: actively involved in your learning, focusing on the task at hand
Self-Control: managing yourself and your behavior

Last Period Soar Classes

In addition to more arts during regular classes, we also have developed a last period enrichment program where we offer exciting electives and extra academic instruction to students who get behind to help Crosswinds students soar.  Each quarter, students choose an elective Soar course that engages them in units that are arts-infused or that connect real-life skills to their academic work. Students bridge subject matter boundaries using their learning to link content as they produce new, often innovative creations.

Soar classes change each quarter and include courses such as Coding JavaScript/HTML/CSS and web design, Lego Robotics, News Broadcast (check out episodes of Crosswinds’ Eagle News here), Creative Writing, Culinary Arts, Fitness Fun and more. For the second quarter of the 2016-17 school year, students also can choose an arts integration class that connects hip-hop, graffiti art and U.S. history taught by Cowles artist-in-residence, Lisa Berman and Crosswinds teachers.